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Why Team Collaboration is Important in a Legal Firm?

Why Team Collaboration is Important in a Legal Firm?

Lawyers collaborate a whole lot, and that’s what makes them successful from the ones that don’t. Let’s take a closer look at how CoreMatter can help to promote better teamwork amongst them in their legal profession. 

In today’s uber-competitive world, lawyers are made to collaborate in order to stay on top of the game. It separates what would have been the successful firms from the uber-successful firms, and the short answer is this: the culture of collaboration. However, this shows up in a variety of ways that other firms can model, especially as it relates to a firm’s client relationship management and business development efforts. Now, here’s a closer look at how a collaborative software like CoreMatter can help in streamlining better teamwork among lawyers.

Benefits of collaboration

Legal firms that make use of collaboration and take care of their clients by providing them with a range of cross-functional services are more likely to build better relationships with them. This is because of the holistic experience that they get to solve their problems, therefore, clients will usually remain loyal to these legal firms. It’s not rocket science; they give them more business just because they receive greater value from their collaborative efforts. 

Working independently may be great, but it can also be a lonely experience. When pressure builds and you have no colleagues to turn to since everyone would be busy with their to-do lists, a collaborative culture would do the trick. Evidence has shown that staff can become happier, more productive and more engaged in an environment like this. For instance, one research study showed that participants who acted collaboratively stuck at the task 64% longer than their peers who were working alone. They reported higher engagement levels, lower fatigue levels and a higher success rate, so wouldn’t that be something to consider in a legal firm? 

Use project management tools to stay on track

For a managing partner, the sheer logistics of it all might be enough for you to turn it down — despite it being such a lucrative opportunity. You certainly don’t doubt the collaborative abilities of your fee earners, but you’re wondering if you can really keep track of it all.

For situations like these, CoreMatter’s collaboration via its Memo feature can help to ease your legal matters, simply because different people can work together on a single matter all through a single hub. It simply makes all the difference. 

There’s usually a strong visual element to this type of software: you can see which tasks are completed or in progress and what still needs to be done – all at a glance. As such, keeping track of a complex and collaborative group project will definitely just become a lot easier.

Management and collaboration

True collaboration isn’t just doing peer reviews or assigning sequential tasks on an individual file. Sometimes, it’s highly useful for multiple users to be working on the same case at the same time – all in making amendments and discussing strategy as they go along.

However, this can become a real issue for different people who are working on the case with their own set of schedules. How would we be able to ensure that everyone is working off the same information? Well, decide on how you’re going to save your files to give all relevant fee earners access to the case analysis and strategy. CoreMatter’s cloud-based storage could be a great solution for this specific need. 

Technology is certainly changing at a rapid pace and it is only wise for us not to fall behind. Combined with collaboration, your legal firm will be set up for success because lawyers will have to work together to reach a common goal. A collaboration software like CoreMatter is already reshaping the way legal firms think about communication, and will likely continue to do so.

CoreMatter, the leading cloud-based case management tool in SE Asia, frees your firm from the mess of the mundane to focus on what matters most. 

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