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Want To Know The Best Legal Marketing Advice? Here are 6 Tips for Legal Marketers to Stand Out

Want To Know The Best Legal Marketing Advice? Here are 6 Tips for Legal Marketers to Stand Out

Legal marketing is hard work. Getting your legal marketing engine up to scratch, maintaining it, and, more importantly, creating leads that convert to clients takes many minds and multiple skills. That’s why we’ve prepared something of a cheat sheet for competent lawyers and law firm partners to help them strategize, create, and optimize the perfect legal marketing engine. How to begin? Let us tell you. Here are six tips for legal marketers to stand out.

1. Create a Niche Position


“In recent years, niche legal practices have become increasingly popular. Lawyers and firms are starting to narrow their practice areas or focus on certain industries. We especially see this with cannabis law and, more recently, metaverse, NFTs, or web3 law. Clients are more interested in hiring experts rather than general practitioners. I don’t think the jack-of-all-trades lawyer or law firm is as appealing as it once was,” said Radiance W. Harris Esq. (RH), founder and managing attorney of Radiance IP Law.

These law firms and lawyers choose niche positions based on their strengths, which enables them to focus on a demographic that can increase revenue. New practice areas such as web3 technologies, crypto, or cannabis laws reflect changing needs within demographic groups. When a potential client’s needs align with the firm’s expertise, hiring that firm becomes a certainty.

2. Earn Good Reviews

Reviews add to the credibility of a law firm. Positive reviews across Google and social media can help a law firm rank higher and provide an instant edge over competitors. It’s also the tipping point that converts leads into clients and boosts your overall ranking.

Prioritizing the supply of good reviews will help strengthen your law firm. One way of increasing reviews is incentivizing staff who ask satisfied clients for reviews. If your clients don’t want to leave their names with reviews, they can post anonymously.

3. Make First Impressions Count on Your Website

Examining your website and determining if it left a good impression is critical. A potential customer may land on your website and browse through one or two pages before leaving.

Consider the following:
– Are your pages up-to-date?
– Can it load quickly and properly across different devices?
– Is it easy to use, and is the information attractive?
– Will it encourage potential clients to contact you?

Many people use their phones to browse for information these days, and if the site is outdated, hard to navigate, or slow, it turns potential customers off and lowers your site’s ranking on search engines.

4. Build a Strong Referral Program

Having referrals are just as crucial as being searchable online. Did you know that 59% of clients sought a referral from someone they know or have been in contact with, but 57% searched on their own through other means—and 16% did both? (Source: Clio 2019 Legal Trends Report).

The most effective way to build a strong referral program is to invite your contacts and incentivize them. This could be in the form of:

– A commission on total sale value that is capped typically at 10% to 15%
– A monetary discount on ensuing services provided by your law firm to the client in your referral program
– An e-gift or a physical gift like an Shopee voucher or a fresh box of kuih
– Monetary donations to the charity of their choice

5. Include Superior Videos

Web browsing habits have changed. By 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic — 15 times higher than in 2017 (Cisco). Videos are great for reaching this growing segment of potential clients who tend to skim information on websites.

Placing your well-made videos on Youtube and other social platforms helps create a hook that will drive new potential clients to your website. You should invest in a professionally made video to make your law firm stand out. A video adds the human touch and personality behind the law firm. It could also be an explainer video summarizing your expertise to put potential clients at ease and help them put names to faces.

6. Build Meaningful Relationships

While marketing your law firm online is relevant and effective in today’s world, you should never forget the age-old method of building a lasting business: meaningful relationships. Websites and social media may get new clients, but the art of client relationships keeps them.

Who you know and how you are perceived or contribute to the community add to your reputation. So take the time to:
– Note your client’s likes and dislikes and record them securely with CoreMatter‘s memo function so that your team knows how best to manage your client.
– Take your clients out for lunch, send them gift baskets, or even check on them once in a while
– Contribute to your community or do pro bono services for your local charity
– Provide essential education to help your community

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