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Understanding Scheduled Payments in Legal Billing

Understanding Scheduled Payments in Legal Billing

Have you ever browsed an online store and noticed options like Alipay, GrabPay, GCash, or OVO offering installment payment plans? This trend towards scheduled payments isn’t going anywhere, and it’s time to consider how it can benefit your law firm.

While some might see scheduled payments as a gimmick, they offer a powerful way to market your legal services and prioritize a client-centered experience. Let’s delve deeper into scheduled payments, how they benefit clients, and the advantages they bring to your law firm.

What are Scheduled Payments?

Scheduled payments, similar to payment plans, are regular, recurring installments toward a legal bill. Your firm and the client agree on a specific payment amount and frequency, allowing clients to manage their legal expenses while ensuring you get paid for your services.

Benefits for Clients: Clarity, Flexibility, and Accessibility

Scheduled payments offer clients several advantages:

Clarity and Reliability: Regardless of their financial situation, clients clearly understand what they owe and when.

Accessibility: Not everyone has the resources to pay a hefty legal bill upfront. Scheduled payments make legal services more accessible to a broader range of clients.

Flexibility: Modern clients expect payment options. Scheduled payments align with the trend of flexible payment structures in other sectors.

Client-Centered Experience: Offering various payment options shows respect for your client’s needs and financial situations.

Setting Up Scheduled Payments: A Breeze with CoreMatter

Implementing scheduled payments might seem daunting, but the right legal practice management software makes it simple. CoreMatter, a cloud-based Practice Management, and Accounting and Billing System, simplifies scheduled payment setup for law firms. CoreMatter can:

Automate billing reminders and ensure timely collections.

Automated billing and online payment options can simplify the payment process for clients, leading to faster turnaround times for receiving payments. However, clients may delay payment if they have trouble understanding their invoice. To avoid such delays, providing detailed and informative invoices clearly outlining the charges and due dates is essential.

Streamline billing and save valuable time and resources.

CoreMatter allows you to create invoice templates with customized settings, such as your billing policy and online payment links. You can even save time by creating multiple invoices at once. You can personalize and create branded invoices with your logo to increase efficiency and brand recognition.

Benefits for Your Law Firm: Growth, Efficiency, and Happy Clients

Beyond simplifying the process for clients, scheduled payments offer several significant advantages for your law firm:

1. Increased Revenue and Faster Payments

Studies show online payments provide a more convenient client experience and faster payment cycles for law firms. Offering scheduled payments gives clients added transparency and control over their bills, further incentivizing timely payments.

A 2022 Clio Legal Trends Report highlights payment plans (including scheduled payments) as a critical factor for clients when choosing a law firm. Firms offering multiple billing options are significantly more likely to be hired.

Additionally, the 2021 Clio Legal Trends Report suggests firms utilizing online payments experience a 37% higher revenue growth rate.

2. Enhanced Client Satisfaction

By allowing clients to manage their payments comfortably, you reduce friction in the billing process, fostering a more positive client experience. A CoreMatter client, Vincent Wong of Wong and Yang LLC, shared, “CoreMatter is a dream come true for all small and medium-sized firms – it is not only economical but maximizes billing efficiency.”

3. Improved Efficiency

Scheduled payments eliminate the need for constant follow-up on outstanding bills. CoreMatter automates the process, freeing up your time for more strategic tasks.

4. Attract New Clients

Offering flexible payment options can attract clients whose high upfront costs might otherwise deter them. According to the 2023 Clio Legal Trends Report, practices that provide legal payment plans tend to collect more revenue. Solo firms experienced a significant increase of 71% in monthly revenue, whereas mid-sized firms saw a 32% increase in monthly revenue.

The Final Word: Offering a Win-Win Solution

Scheduled payments provide a win-win situation for your law firm and your clients. They simplify the payment process for clients and ensure timely payments for your firm. Lawyers and law firms can concentrate on providing exceptional legal services instead of worrying about payment collections by eliminating the guesswork in legal billing.

CoreMatter makes setting up and managing scheduled payments effortless. Start offering your clients the desired experience and incorporate alternative payment methods into your firm’s billing process.

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