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The Push Towards Digital Within The Legal Industry

The Push Towards Digital Within The Legal Industry

As most of those familiar with the legal industry will be quick to point out, the industry itself is very much wary of implementing tech based solutions.

Now whether that old trope of lawyers themselves not wanting to adopt tech based solution is shown to be false, the industry, or at least those that oversee its governance, have been slow to adopt tech in the same way other industry have done so over the years.

That said, as the current pandemic has forced many businesses to lockdown and work from home, the legal industry, as with any industry, was forced to adapt.
This adaptation meant finding a larger role for tech within legal firms SOPs as well as the courtroom itself.

So, as many hearings took a turn towards the digital with speed, a question arises.
What will be the driving force in pushing an industry known to be tech-averse?

That answer may lie with those that work in the industry themselves.

The Push Towards Digital

Given that much of the tech adoption over the last few months happened outside of the courtroom, it may be safe to say that the major drive towards digital based solutions will come from there as well.
This said, as legal professionals across the generational gap witnessed firsthand both the ability of tech to allow the industry to continue through adversity as well the power of digital solutions to push the industry into new directions.

So, as many legal professionals, within some capacity, are now familiar with the transformative capabilities of LegalTech, demand is sure to follow.

As more and more legal professionals begin to branch out towards new innovations, the industry as whole will begin to shift.

Though, that shift and how far it pushes the industry towards the digital has yet to be seen.

What is certain though, is that this push towards digital solutions must come from a demand on the part of the legal professionals utilizing the digital tools.
As law firms begin to implement digital solutions as part of the SOPs, incoming legal professionals will need to be familiar with the tools, perhaps, as a prerequisite to employment. Thus, creating a need to learn to fully utilize digital solutions for those seeking employment in the industry.

With this in mind, perhaps, the trickle up effect will be that those in academic settings will pivot towards the digital as a means of staying competitive themselves.  As one changes, so does the other.

Where this leads one can only surmise but it may be safe to say that on the horizon, the future is digital.

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