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New Normal For The Legal Industry Post-Covid-19

The “New Normal” For The Legal Industry Post-Covid-19

The “new normal”.

As we look towards a safe re-opening of society, one that will mitigate future losses of life and economic downswings, this term, the “new normal”, continues to find its way into the global conversation surrounding covid-19.
Though, what it means for industries across the globe, much like covid-19, is something we are still learning about with each passing day.

To some, it signals a new beginning in the way the world functions, one that will continue beyond covid-19.
To others, it is the stop-gap measure needed until the world can return back to its original “normal”.

Though, regardless of where a person’s thoughts may fall on the above matter, one thing can be ascertained, the “new normal” is indicative of major changes.

So, in light of the current crisis, it is pertinent to explore what changes have swept across the legal industry as the industry looks to find a “new normal”. Additionally, it is worth delving into the possibility of whether or not these changes will find a place among firms post-covid-19.


Covid-19 Changes An Industry

At the current time of writing, the world has been largely under lockdown as sectors of society have come to a grinding halt.

This has given rise to the need for a vast transition towards digital solutions and transformations throughout many industries.
And while generally known as a “tech-adverse” industry, the legal sector has found itself forced to adapt to life during the time of covid-19.

Work From Home Home Office For CoreMatter Client in Legal IndustryThe prevalence of tele-court proceedings, a renewed focus upon e-filings and other digital transformations are indicative of the necessary embrace of digital solutions across the industry as a whole.

Additionally, online collaboration tools have found widespread usage, simply arising out of the need to stay connected and productive despite the inability of many to return to their workplaces.

These changes and forced adaptations are what many are terming the “new normal” though with the added connotations of being normal for now.

This leads us to explore whether or not these sweeping movements towards a more connected and digital SOP among firms will be something that persist beyond the lockdowns, social distancing and current pandemic.


Changes That Persist Post-Covid-19

When exploring the idea of a “new normal” within business, there are two distinct camps that become apparent; those that see the current push towards digital transformations as something transient though necessary and those that see the transformations currently taken place as an indication of a new phase in business as a whole.

And while it would be simple to explore which side is correct, as it stands, it appears that both may be correct in one fashion.

Bernard Marr, contributor for Forbes, writes:

“While some companies will eventually go back to rigid work-in-office policies, it’s expected that some will realize the benefits to employees and that in fact, it can be done effectively.”

So, it is to be expected that while some firms will embrace the changes covid-19 has forced upon the industry, others will simply return to “business as usual”.

Though, it may be safe to theorize that the need to stay competitive in a market that is expecting digital transformation may force those that return to old SOPs to change afterall, though with a significant disadvantage due to slow adoption.

Deciding on a New Direction

With digital transformations becoming a necessary part of firms’ SOP during the current pandemic, the question then becomes: “Will your firm take advantage of a push towards digital transformation early or when every other firm has already done so?”


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