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NEW! Physical Records Management (PRM) Module is Now Available for Free

If you need to keep plenty of paper records,  we have created a new CoreMatter module called the “Physical Records Management” (PRM) which is a powerful add-in feature to your existing CoreMatter subscription, at no charge! With PRM, you can digitally manage your physical records – such as Matter folders and client’s document(s) in safe custody (wills, property deeds, contracts etc) – within CoreMatter. The module allows users to manage check-in/out of records, keep a borrowing history, and list storage places of all their important documents.

Having the ability to effortlessly track and manage the whereabouts of your crucial documents through the Physical Records Management (PRM) module in CoreMatter is a game-changer for any organization. Imagine the peace of mind that comes with knowing precisely where all your vital papers and documents are stored at all times. Bid farewell to the chaos of hunting down physical records, wasting valuable time, and potentially losing critical information, thanks to PRM’s user-friendly features and seamless integration within CoreMatter.

You may download the PRM Manualclick here

Should you have any queries, as always, you can reach out to us at corematter@bnsasia.zohodesk.com, we will respond to you soonest.

physical record management module

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