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Marketing a Solution: YouTube Marketing for the Legal Industry

Marketing a Solution: YouTube Marketing for the Legal Industry

Is your firm ready to begin marketing on YouTube? 

If you have not already found the value of increasing your firm’s marketing efforts via the second largest search engine on the web, it’s the perfect time to learn what YouTube can do for your firm.

Though, if you’re ready to begin creating content that is crafted to convert viewers into leads, let’s skip the ads and learn to create your firm’s first YouTube marketing video.

Creating YouTube Marketing Videos

Before you begin converting viewers into leads and leveraging YouTube’s large user base for results, your firm needs content.

That stated, producing effective marketing content requires a bit of pre-trial preparations beyond simply hitting the record button.


Researching Keywords

Before you begin developing your first marketing effort, it’s worth exploring the interests, in terms of platform usage, of your audience with targeted keyword research.

A note regarding keywords…
A video’s associated keywords provide the platform with necessary information regarding the content of the video which in turn is used by the algorithm to determine which video best suits a user’s inquiry.

With that being the case, being able to create content centered around the terms that are of interest to your audience provides a larger probability that it will be seen.

So, that being said, there are a few ways to conduct YouTube keyword research.

To begin, there exist a number of tools to use for keyword research.
Extensions such as TubeBuddy streamline the process and allow for a much more user-friendly experience without the need for much tech background.

And while there are a number of tools, the basic result of the tools, researching keywords, can be done from any computer with a simple process.

To conduct keyword research without tools simply open a YouTube video and navigate to the source code.

This can be done by pressing “CTRL+U” or “Option + Command + U” on a mac.

Once you are able to view the source code, simply press “CTRL+F”, or “Command + F” on mac, to search for the term keywords within the source code.

In this way, you can determine the utilized keywords of a competitor’s video to optimize around that knowledge without the need for outside extensions.


Developing Marketing Content for YouTube

With keyword research finished, the type of content your firm will create should be taking form a bit more clearly.
Before deciding on a video direction though, it is necessary to note that creating content that will earn the attention of potential leads requires understanding the type of content they consume on the platform.

As previously explored in the first part of this series, those who use YouTube usually follow similar usage patterns, as illustrated in the provided chart.

Why People Use Youtube Graph
Via Think with Google


Utilizing this data, two opportunities become known; one being content with the purpose of teaching and the other being content with the purpose of solving a problem.

Both of these directions fall easily into the type of content a law firm can produce without too much costs and both offer a high probability of being seen.

Videos such as “What Should I Prepare for a Divorce Proceeding?” or “Understanding Estate Tax” would be examples that follow a direction based upon the above statistics while still being financially viable for firms in the infancy of YouTube marketing efforts.

That said, the particular type of content your firm will create should be based upon thorough research into your potential client base.

Creating a Script 

While not entirely necessary to create a complete script, though helpful, creating a structure with a script allows your firm’s content to take a more focused approach, one that can be more readily fine-tuned in the future.

Whether that means creating a fully fleshed script or just a list of salient points to address is completely dependant upon the tone your firm has chosen.

Though, it is important to note that critical aspects, such as the call to action, of your firm’s marketing content should take shape before recording to allow for a standardized approach that can be audited for performance.


For those that need a bit of assistance with creating their first script, HubSpot’s breakdown of How to Create Video Script offers an in-depth analysis of the process behind creating compelling scripts.


Recording & Uploading Your Video


With all the above ready, it’s time to hit record and upload your legal firm’s first YouTube marketing video.

And what better way is there to learn than watching a video hosted on the platform?


So, let’s press play and learn how to upload your firm’s video.

Credit: Derral Eves

With your video uploaded, the last thing to do is share your marketing video across all of your firm’s social media channels.

Your firm is now ready to begin marketing on YouTube!

To continue learning about increasing your firm’s digital reach, read our piece on PPC Marketing for the Legal Industry.


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