CoreMatter: Expanding Beyond Ourselves

This is a specialized business. It is very challenging to serve the legal community. One needs to invest decades in this community to understand their modus operandi and the way they think. What makes them tick, what motivates them, what irritates them.

But the reward is years of lasting client relationship and profitable friendship, both ways. And because this is a tightly knitted community, word gets around. Our clients refer us. Again, and again. This is the same throughout the entire Asia Pacific region.

That is why we are adding new clients, new users, almost on a weekly basis.

Not everyone can do this. But we have done it, after serving them for more than 2 decades.

We wish to continue this for decades to come. To grow the business even more, exponentially. To expand and engage more firms in the region. To continue to serve them. We need to expand beyond ourselves, but we are finite.

Hence, if you can help us expand beyond ourselves, please speak to us at

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Let Your Legal Practice Level Up With CoreMatter.

With CoreMatter managing your law firm’s practice management, accounts and billings, you’ll be saying hello to more profits and unbelievable efficiency.