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Innovation Begins From The Firms On The Ground

Innovation Begins From The Firms On The Ground

As more and more firms across the industry have begun to utilize some form of LegalTech within their operations, a wave of innovation has followed behind the push towards the digital.

And this push towards digital has not only allowed legal firms the ability to leverage tech within their own operations but also given space for LegalTech firms to continue develop new tools to be used by legal professionals.

This in turn provides the industry with new tools to adopt, a cycle that pushed the entire industry towards greater heights and innovation.

So, where does this push that allows the industry to progress towards a brighter future begin?
Well, the push starts with those that within the industry.

The legal professionals that choose to utilize tech within their own operations are the driving force that give space for the entire industry to follow suit.

In doing so, these law firms provide the roadmap for other law firms to follow in their path, which drives demand while that demand drives the need for innovation.

Innovation Driven By Demand

While companies within the LegalTech can push the space further with each new step of innovation, without the need or demand for the tools within the legal industry, innovation would at some point become unnecessary.

So, it can be surmised that the push for innovation is derived from those that will end up using the innovative tools within their daily lives; the tools that will in turn push the industry towards a new direction.

So, how can your legal firm foster the push towards innovation?

Well, Erika Anderson, author of Growing Great Employees: Turning Ordinary People into Extraordinary Performers, said in a recent interview:

“[E]mployees tend to be most innovative when they feel reasonably sure that nothing bad will happen to them as a result of having and expressing fresh ideas, and that, in fact, they might even be supported and encouraged for it! Skillful managers create the kind of environment that provides this invitation to innovate…It’s like gardening, which is the metaphor I use throughout my book. If you put in a good amount of energy at the beginning — preparing the soil, buying the right plants, getting them started right — then all that’s required is some fairly simple and consistent ongoing maintenance, and you’ll be rewarded with a thriving and productive garden.”

So, foster innovation within your firm and in turn watch innovation grow within the industry.

Is your firm ready to push towards the digital age of the legal industry?

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