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Great Reception for the GST Update Seminar!

Great Reception for the GST Update Seminar!

We had a very successful outing for the GST for Malaysian Legal Community – An Update Seminar, organized by the Malaysian Bar Council, Microsoft Malaysia and us at CoreMatter here!

We had a full house of partners, lawyers and legal support staff who came, listening intently to the presentation, covering a GST refresher and more importantly, the amendments and changes from the Royal Malaysian Customs (RMC), almost a year after the Malaysian GST regime began.

The event started promptly at 2:00 pm, with the welcome address by Jasmine Begum, the Director, Corporate External & Legal Affairs, Microsoft Malaysia. This was followed by Joshua Tan, the MD of Business Network Solutions Sdn Bhd (BNS), who introduced the speakers for the event, Patrick Fong, Audit & Tax Manager for BC Teoh & Co, and Susan Foo, the CFO of BNS and designer for the CoreMatter Legal Practice Management and Accounting system.

Patrick spent almost 2 hours, sharing in detail the latest updates from the RMC DG, in which many good questions were raised and answered. Thereafter, Susan and Joshua took the stage for to share their experiences in deploying GST system deployment to their many clientele, sharing the good and the challenges that these firms faced in embracing the GST regime, followed by a brief demonstration on CoreMatter.

The feedback from the participants on the seminar was informative and of great value! With this excellent reception, we plan to repeat and organize this seminar again with the help of Bar Council and Microsoft again.