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Future Firms: Practicing Law Post-Covid-19

Future Firms: Practicing Law Post-Covid-19

As the world continues to look towards safe re-opening procedures with hopes of moving forward to a “new normal”, legal firms are faced with the unique challenge of navigating business post-covid-19.

Within an industry that has a tendency to lean towards tradition over that of technology, this challenge is forcing many partners to re-evaluate industry norms and SOPs in their own businesses.

So, with the dawn of a new normal within the legal industry, it becomes pertinent to explore the changing landscape of practicing law post-covid-19.


Practicing Law Post-Covid-19 Covid-19 Digital Soutions CoreMatter

Before diving into the solutions the legal industry is employing to meet the challenges of law post-covid-19, it is worth noting the unique exception covid-19 presents to the industry.

While not the first crisis the industry has weathered, covid-19, rather uniquely, is forcing fundamental changes within the legal industry.
Unlike the financial collapse or other crisis, the legal industry is not able to enact only surface level changes to mitigate fallout caused by covid-19.

Thus, the possibility of remaining competitive within the industry without sweeping changes is less likely post-covid-19.

So, what is being redefined within the industry?

One critical aspect of the industry currently experiencing growth is the place of technology within legal firms.

Surface-level changes such as telecommuting, digital dispositions and cyber courtrooms are indicative of the growing role LegalTech will secure within firms’ “new normal”.

As law firms across the globe are now forced to factor in digital solutions as a means of staying solvent during the crisis, the newfound role of technology will not be one that disappears post-covid-19.

Rather, the disruption caused by covid-19 will stand as a stark reminder that firms must maintain digital solutions, at the very least as stop-gap measures, to ensure survival in the new landscape of law.

Which leads into a fundamental change the industry will begin to adopt.

LegalTech Beyond Covid-19

As businesses across the globe come to a grinding halt, firms have had to turn to digital solutions as a means of remaining operational during the current crisis.

While some may have been better prepared for deployment of remote working solutions and online collaboration tools, at this point in the current crisis, firms by and large have found a place for LegalTech within their operational procedures during the crisis.

Going forward towards the new normal within the legal industry, these one time stop gaps will not cease to be of benefit.
Thus, a forced transformation will take place within an industry known to be risk-averse and hesitant towards tech solutions.

What becomes of firms that are not prepared to adapt alongside the new normal is yet to be seen.

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