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We’ve collected the most common questions firms have asked us about CoreMatter
over the years. We’ve featured them to make life easier for you! If your question
isn’t addressed here, reach out to us at +603 7806 1100 or drop us a line
at email-us@bnsasia.biz. We’re ready to help!

You can visit Features to get a deeper understand behind CoreMatter’s scope of features.

It is the delivery of computing as a service whereby the software and information are provided to computers as a utility over the Internet.

It is hosted on Microsoft Windows Azure data centers.

CoreMatter Billing ensures strict communication security using bank-grade 256-bit SSL encryption. All of CoreMatter Billing’s infrastructure is hosted using physically secure, managed data centers that meet rigid SAS70 Type II specifications.

You can find out more about SAS 70 Type II compliancy at https://www.sas70.us.com/industries/data-center-colocations.php, and learn more about Microsoft Windows Azure data centers SAS 70 Type II compliancy at http://www.microsoft.com/online/legal/v2/en-us/MOS_PTC_Security_Audit.htm

CoreMatter’s monthly fees are charged on a quarterly basis. Upgrades and software maintenance are covered by the monthly fees charged.

It can be used in tandem with CoreMatter. Your daily input of activities and disbursements, tracking, edits, updates and reports can be done with CoreMatter.

Once a month, your accounting software will need to extract this information from CoreMatter for preparations of final accounts.

We’d need to know what information your accounting system wishes to import, and CoreMatter will be configured to pass all the related data over.

The cost will be determined during the requirement study stage, and will be charged by man-hours. It is entirely possible that this activity may not be chargeable if the activity is simply the transfer of data over common fields.

No, all users would need is any modern browser on a computer with an internet connection.

CoreMatter supports data portability, and provides users with a complete export interface for backup and practice migration purposes. Any information committed to your CoreMatter account can be retrieved, in non-proprietary, open formats.

No, however, CoreMatter integrates to world class document management systems such as iManage and NetDocuments.

Yes, it is. CoreMatter is fully tax compliant in accordance to the requirements of Royal Customs Malaysia SST, Singapore GST and Philippines VAT regimes, respectively.