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Digital Transformation Highlight With Disini Law

Digital Transformation Highlight With Disini Law

It’s always a pleasure to see legal firms embrace the many ways LegalTech can transform their businesses and empower their teams.
When we see legal professionals empowering others in their field with digital transformations, that’s an even better sight!

So when Disini & Disini Law announced their very own webinar aimed at empowering other legal firms to make digital transformations within their businesses, we wanted to highlight their commitment to focusing on what matters.

Disini Law’s Digital Transformation Journey webinar offered an on the ground view of what it means to be a modern legal firm in today’s growing digital landscape.
Additionally, their team set up the groundwork for other firms to follow in their footsteps as they move towards the connected era of the legal industry.

It is with great excitement that CoreMatter has found a place in their digital transformation and a better surprise to find they were sharing CoreMatter’s message of utilizing digital tools to empower modern law firms.

For that, a big CoreMatter thank you to their entire team for allowing us the opportunity to be a part of their transformation and so many others!


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