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6 Brilliant Tips for Linkedin for Lawyers Newbies

Despite uncertain political and economic times, the legal industry is still strong. Experts predict that the legal sector will grow from $713.7 billion in 2020 to $908.26 billion in 2025 (Law.com, 2021). This sentiment parallels a rising number of savvy lawyers and law firms turning

Texting Etiquette for Lawyers

There’s a significant shift happening in the world of law. Official communication involving large meeting rooms and typewritten letters has taken the back seat. Today, clients want law firms to better meet client service expectations, primarily through fast instant messaging technologies. Texting clients directly speeds

How to Launch Your New Law Firm

Launching a brand-new law firm takes imagination and optimism. A lot of mistakes are made by aspiring law firm owners. Most aren’t catastrophic, but they can prove to be expensive. Here, we explore how you can launch your new law firm after you’ve set up

The Future of Law Firms: Legal Tech & Big Data

Legal tech and big data is revolutionizing the legal industry – but who is benefitting? This article examines the changing dynamics of the legal landscape and assesses how the rise of legal technology and big data is redefining law firms and their future. Big Data
Understanding Legal Analytics: Data & Application

Understanding Legal Analytics: Data & Application

Imagine what a lawyer does every day: examining legal data, defending clients, or negotiating settlements. Just processing legal data alone demands more time than other tasks. In recent years, we see advancements in legal technology leading to the emergence of legal analytics to help with

Zoho Announcement

Dear CoreMatter Users, We have been supporting all our clients via the WhatsApp infrastructure system from the early days of CoreMatter. And thanks to your recommendations and kind references, we are now in more than 8 countries in Asia, with hundreds of legal firms and