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AML/CFT Functionality in CoreMatter!

Our CoreMatter clients have been our anchor in terms of feedback on how CoreMatter as a product and service should be developed further to make their jobs easier. One of the consistent feedback is that rather than manually filling in a client’s AML/CFT (Anti-money laundering and countering financing of terrorism) profile, why not develop a module to make it easier for a firm to capture all the client’s information and ensure a proper process to approve a high risk client?

It is with this that we are happy to announce the new AML/CFT Client Creation module, developed on the request of our clients in Singapore and Malaysia. Depending on which country the firm is from, the AML/CFT form capture will be based on the guidelines given by the country, in particular, Law Society of Singapore and Bank Negara Malaysia respectively. After keying in the data in the CoreMatter AML/CFT module, based on a series of questions posed, a printout and an email trigger to the appropriate partner for approval.

This module is now available in CoreMatter to our existing clients, without any additional charge – our way of always giving more to our clients, while maintaining their costs to be low and predictable as they run their practice.

Some example screen shots as follows:

The partner approval screen:

Once the form is created, it can be printed for signatures, approval and safe keeping, both hard and electronic copies.