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CoreMatter: Built From Over 25 Years Of Experience

CoreMatter: Built From Over 25 Years Of Experience

The CoreMatter team has spent over 25 years providing legal software solutions and services to law firms across Southeast Asia. The principal behind the project, Business Network Solutions (BNS) Sdn Bhd, is a systems integrator and software provider from Malaysia.

BNS began by providing legal software solutions to renowned firms around Southeast Asia, including Zaid Ibrahim & Co, Lee Hishammuddin Allen & Gledhill, Shearn Delamore, Shook Lin & Bok, Albar & Partners, Shahrizat Rashid & Lee and many more. Its initial focus was on providing solutions in Document Management, Cost Recovery and IT services.

From those humble beginnings, the team cast its net wider to build a clientele in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines. After 25 years gathering experience and the understanding of how legal firms work, CoreMatter was born, with the aim to help law firms gain profitability and efficiency while doing their best for clients.

CoreMatter is the perfect practice management system for all legal firms. It’s hassle-free, cost-effective, and keeps firms’ operations lean and their bottom lines healthy.


All you need for CoreMatter to keep you updated with your firm’s Matters is a web browser and internet access, whether you’re out of the office, in court or in meetings!


Don’t spend money on unnecessary hardware and software. CoreMatter can be accessed from any common internet browsers, without the need to install software.


CoreMatter Mobile is available for all iOS and Android users, at no additional charge! It gives users the flexibility to input their activities and disbursements from their mobile devices, an added convenience.


Access activities, disbursements, memos and billings, while also updating and alerting your team - all from one location.


Your whole firm will be connected and updated with the latest Client/Matter developments, billings and work-in-progress. Each user, depending on their roles, will have specific access to perform their work. You, as the owner/partner of the firm, will know exactly how your team is performing.


CoreMatter incorporates legal-specific trust accounting, ledger management, disbursement management and timed billing functionality. It also adjust rates and billings for different Clients without complications, saving time on unnecessary work. Invoices can be exported to file formats including PDF, Excel and Word.


CoreMatter is kept safe by bank-grade 256-bit SSL encryption. Its infrastructure is hosted on secure, managed data centers that meet SAS70 Type II specifications. Backups are performed daily.


Get a bird’s eye view of billing details that may be normally overlooked, and identify areas for improvement easily.


CoreMatter is fully SST/GST/VAT compliant in accordance with the requirements of Royal Malaysian Customs Department, Singapore IRAS GST and Philippines BIR VAT systems.


CoreMatter allows for AML/CFT-compliant client creation that is vetted and approved by relevant Partners before a Matter can be opened.


For additional security access, CoreMatter administrator can enable the 2FA module for their users to receive OTP notifications to their mobile devices for additional layer of login security.


For firms that needs to capture accounting entries of different departments, branches, practice areas etc, the departmental account modules is available.


CoreMatter allows users to run multiple timers for the fee earners to capture their time in the most efficient manner. These timers will run in the background, even when the users log off their CoreMatter session. Their time will be captured to the respective calendar


The powerful Memo module allows CoreMatter users to capture all the practice management information, status, updates, notes and more, for the matters they are in charge of, to keep their team members abreast on the progress of the matter and to be able to schedule action items on their calendaring systems, such as Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar.


The Matter Approval module is for firms that requires the partner-in-charge to approve draft matters before it becomes an official matter.


2 level approval process is available for staff claims related to matters, office or even client accounts.


This module allows you to upload your eCourts disbursements directly into CoreMatter, into the correct Client & Matter, within a matter of seconds. This will remove the need for manual key-in, thereby saving you time and effort.


CoreMatter integrates seamlessly to other legal solutions such as iManage and NetDocuments (for document management systems) and nQBillback and Softlog (for cost recovery systems).

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Meet the Directors of Business Network Solutions

Meet the Directors of Business Network Solutions
(FRom L-R) Gerald Toh, Susan Foo, Joshua Tan, and Nicholas Foo.
Gerald Toh — Technical Director

Gerald is the Technical Director and Executive Director of Business Network Solutions. He started his career as a Software Engineer in 1992 and has since gathered experience working in the Information Technology industry. He is well-versed in Networks and Software Development where he has successfully completed projects in the Manufacturing and Financial Services industries.

Joining Business Network Solutions in 1997, Gerald was involved in Local Area and Wide Area Networks implementation and integration. Since 2000, he has successfully consulted, project managed, and implemented iManage Work Document Management System in many named Professional Services Firms (Law and Accounting) in Malaysia and in the South Asia region. He also started the Software Engineering Team in product development of CoreMatter Practice Management System on Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure using Agile development methodologies. In addition, he assesses new emerging technologies, development of internal technical procedures/policies, and provides technical consultancy to customers.

Susan Foo — Chief Financial Officer

Susan is the Operations Director and Executive Director of Business Network Solutions Sdn Bhd and Inceptio Technologies Sdn Bhd. Her extensive knowledge, background, and experience in corporate accounting enables her to manage the daily operations and the smooth running of the company’s back-end activities and processes.

She was one of the pioneer staff of Business Networks Solutions Sdn Bhd and Inceptio Technologies Sdn Bhd; having started in 1997 as the office manager, responsible for all back-office aspects of human resources, accounts, purchasing, and office management. Prior to this, she has worked in various capacities in corporate organisations such Hume Industries (Malaysia) Bhd, Berjaya Group of Companies, and GHL Systems Bhd.

Today, she is the de facto legal accounting expert in the region, having expertise in clients and office accounting in the different tax regimes that CoreMatter operates in. She also drives the product development of CoreMatter.

Joshua Tan — Managing Director

Joshua graduated from Bradley University in BSc Electrical & Computer Engineering. His involvement in sales and marketing activities in the ICT industry began with Hewlett-Packard in 1990, where he spent 8 years in various positions, from engineering, sales management, and country marketing management. His last assignment at HP was a regional assignment in Singapore, where he was the Marketing Manager for the Personal Systems Group division, managing the PC portfolio budget in excess of USD 600M.

After his stint in Singapore, he joined a local payment systems company in Malaysia, GHL Systems Sdn Bhd from 1998 to 2000 as Sales and Marketing Director of the Systems Integration division. He later joined Digiland Distribution Malaysia Sdn Bhd as the Managing Director. Upon joining the board of Business Network Solutions Sdn Bhd and Inceptio Technologies Bhd, he began spearheading the management, product, market development, and support of CoreMatter, resulting in hundreds of legal firms with thousands of users, using CoreMatter in 8 countries across Asia today.

Nicholas Foo — Founder, Sales Director

Nicholas is the Technical Sales Manager, Co-Founder, and Executive Director of Business Network Solutions Sdn Bhd and Inceptio Technologies Sdn Bhd. He has been working with computer networks, systems, and servers since 1988.

He has worked with many notable clients comprising of large legal firms in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines, among them Shearn Delamore, Lee Hishamuddin Allen Gledhill, Rosdiono, Adnan Sundra & Low. He is involved in implementing and commissioning of the CoreMatter, nQueue Cost Recovery, and iManage systems in large and medium-sized legal firms.

A very technical person, Nicholas has managed to use his consultancy skills in Business Network Solutions Sdn Bhd to plan and design proper legal technology architecture and infrastructure for our clients. He now manages a team of engineers that provides legal tech services to law firms in the region. He is also responsible for identifying new business opportunities in vertical and technology marketplace, together with implementation and marketing of incremental business.

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