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A Strong Case: Why is it Appealing to Use a Legal Management Software

A Strong Case: Why is it Appealing to Use a Legal Management Software


Law firms using legal management softwares prove to be more effective and can reap more benefits than you could ever imagine. Read below to find out why it is so important for a law firm to adopt this technology. 

What if there was a better way to streamline legal operations, from sharing knowledge and documents to accessing up-to-date legal information? And all from your fingertips? Sounds too good to be true? Many law firms now operate using legal management software as it provides law firms with multiple benefits. By investing in the right software, your law firm is bound to increase productivity and efficiency, in order to provide a more holistic experience for your clients and employees. 


Reasons law firms are not adopting legal softwares

Despite this effort, there are a few reasons as to why law firms are still resisting the adoption of technology. First and foremost, it’s for investment reasons. There are still law firms out there that are expecting instant ROI, so they do not have sufficient funds and the confidence to invest in technology. It’s one thing to have lack of confidence, and another to be not understanding enough to know it is a long-term investment. 

In addition, the lack of knowledge shown by law firms regarding the effectiveness of legal case management software is still there, and they would not opt for it if they do not know much about it. And these are also the very same law firms that think they do not need a unified system for their processes, hence, a lack of need. They seem to be more satisfied with running several programmes at the same time, often manually. 

Checklist of some legal software must-haves 

If you realise that you do want to invest in a legal system for your business, consider these features before you sign up for that software. The most important thing is still the fact that you have to find a software that meets the needs of your law firm. CoreMatter can assist in terms of the following:

  1. Mobile-ready for full accessibility

This allows you to always have all your data on-the-go. Available for all iOS and Android users at no additional cost, CoreMatter Mobile gives users the flexibility to input their activities and disbursements from their mobile devices.

  1. Anytime and anywhere access to your data

All you really need to keep your core business objectives in mind is a stable Internet connection and a web browser!

  1. Collaboration tools 

This feature has become extremely important as different teams of the law firm need to collaborate and communicate amongst themselves on various matters related to different cases. All in one place.

  1. Timekeeping 

This feature allows users to keep track of the time in order to bill clients, and CoreMatter runs on multiple timers for the fee earners to capture their time in the most efficient manner. 

  1. Billing functionality

You should be able to get a bird’s eye view of billing details that may be normally overlooked, and identify areas for improvement easily.

  1. SST/GST/VAT-compliant

Looks for systems that are fully SST/GST/VAT-compliant in accordance with the requirements of Royal Malaysian Customs Department, Singapore IRAS GST and Philippines BIR VAT systems.

  1. Strong security

This feature builds trust among your clients because their data is kept confidential with you, and CoreMatter’s bank-grade 256-bit SSL encryption would ensure your data is secured.

  1. AML/CFT-compliant

You should also consider legal softwares that are AML/CFT-compliant so that client creation is vetted and approved by relevant Partners before a Matter can be opened.

  1. Note-taking

Every law firm needs learning, and it learns from every case it wins or loses. Having a feature like CoreMatter’s Memo for making important notes helps them prepare in a better way in the future.

  1. Accounting

If there is one thing that most of the law firms struggle with, it is their accounting processes. Having adequate accounting features and modules in place helps streamline your accounting processes.

Benefits of adopting the legal management software

Increased efficiency –  When everyone at your firm has access to the same information and can quickly communicate based on whatever that’s been updated and synchronised, a lot of time is saved and productivity skyrockets. And when productivity is achieved, this also enables greater profitability because your lawyers will be able to accomplish more in less time.

Surpass client expectations – It is no wonder when clients today are seeking instant solutions, answers and services. With a legal management system like CoreMatter, be rest assured that this will give you a single platform to meet every client’s needs in an efficient and timely manner. 

Effortless information sharing – With a legal software that allows you to access data from anywhere and anytime, you can easily share the information amongst your team members and clients since everything is stored at a single platform. This helps to assist in the next benefit as stated below. 

Enhances team collaboration  – This is where a legal management system like CoreMatter really shines through. Most of the teams find it difficult to collaborate with each other owing to mismanaged data and information sharing, especially since everyone has their individualistic way of doing things. By integrating a legal software system, this would lead to collaboration and unity amongst the team members.

Centralisation – When everyone can access and retrieve data from a single source, this maximises efficiency and productivity – especially useful for when you are working remotely at a time like this too. Handling legal matters is a complex process, so with a management system like this in place, multiple users can retrieve them with ease. 

Saves time and money – Automating processes on a cloud-based software like CoreMatter saves you a lot of cumbersome problems. You do not need to invest in hardware and additional software as well. Just one single hub to keep things going. And because of its ease in using compared to all the current offerings in the market, this makes the software stand out on its own.

In short, it’s fairly important to find a software provider who will be a committed partner in your firm’s journey as you integrate the software into your business operations. With CoreMatter, your day-to-day tasks are less complicated and cumbersome, and this will inevitably provide value to all stakeholders. Your legal management software provider should provide you with consistent support and you can find such a great feature in that of CoreMatter.

Now, the next question is, are you ready to take the next step and invest in your firm’s future? 

CoreMatter, the leading cloud-based case management tool in SE Asia, frees your firm from the mess of the mundane to focus on what matters most. Sign up today for a free demo to learn more about CoreMatter!