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6 Brilliant Tips for Linkedin for Lawyers Newbies

Despite uncertain political and economic times, the legal industry is still strong. Experts predict that the legal sector will grow from $713.7 billion in 2020 to $908.26 billion in 2025 (Law.com, 2021). This sentiment parallels a rising number of savvy lawyers and law firms turning to social media to generate more prospective clients. Today, lawyers’ most preferred social media site is LinkedIn (76%), followed by Facebook (60%), Twitter (37%), Martindale (35%), and Avvo (22%) (American Bar Association, 2020). We explore what makes LinkedIn a superior platform and take you through 6 brilliant tips to make your LinkedIn page shine.

What makes LinkedIn a superior platform for law firms?

Here are three leading reasons:

  1. You can gain influence.

Every LinkedIn post you create is visible to your network. Thus, if you have legal insights that you want to share, your network will read them. If they like your post, it will also be visible to their network. It will then help you gain influence in your industry. It is a lustrous alternative to Facebook’s paltry organic reach.

  1. Clients will find you.

There are 61 million senior-level influencers and 65 million decision-makers using LinkedIn. These potential clients turn to LinkedIn as a source of information for legal matters. When you share your thoughts or give legal advice via a post, you will appear on their LinkedIn feed, and they will perceive you as a legal expert and recommend you to their contacts in need. Thus it is even more critical for you to curate a professional profile.

  1. You’ll find superstars to join your team.

LinkedIn makes it easy for law firms to search for talents. Job opening ads are affordable, and LinkedIn makes it easy for partners to view and compare potential employees before shortlisting them for an interview.

Now that we’ve established why you should not overlook the opportunities available via LinkedIn, let’s get on to how you can use it to your advantage.

6 Brilliant Tips for Linkedin for Lawyers Newbies

  1. Make the best profile ever

It’s your time. There’s a big influential audience out there, and you may find the right connections to supply you with the business you need. Make an unforgettable introduction. Write a compelling headline and an attractive call to action. Fill in all notable triumphs or nuggets of wisdom and offer enticing services that they cannot refuse. Supplement your list with professionally shot photographs of yourself and your law firm. When your profile is at its best, you will get more opportunities knocking on your door.

  1. Get Real Testimonials

Testimonials are compelling social proof, where clients can validate the quality of your service with their peers. By integrating different formats of testimonials into your LinkedIn presence, you can increase leads and sales conversions. Video testimonials are the best because they offer an authentic perspective on client experience.

Now that you know about the importance of testimonials, here are some of the ways you can get testimonials:

  •   Listen for positive feedback made online
  •   Save positive feedback received in emails
  •   Ask your clients directly for testimonials as part of your case study or interview with them.

You and your team can also collectively share and store testimonials on CoreMatter. Once you have a collection of testimonials, include the testimonials in your website, proposal, landing page, email sequence, newsletter, and ad campaigns. Testimonials work because people have an intense fear of missing out; once they see the results you have given another client, they will want the same.

  1. Import Professional Contacts

Spend a bit of time importing your email contacts onto LinkedIn, and you’ll soon have people who can back up your credibility on the authority. Or your friendliness and reliability. Should they like that about you.

The great thing about social media is that it allows you to see second and third-degree connections. LinkedIn is no different. In this case, your network is your net worth because your current relationships can easily connect you to other valuable clients in need.

  1. Share Awards, Licenses, and Certificates

Has your law firm amassed a roster of awards, licenses, and certificates over the years? List them all onto your LinkedIn page. Coupled with testimonials and personal recommendations, this will help prospects perceive you and your firm as highly trained and skilled professionals.

  1. Create Relatable Short and Long Posts Often

Share your success or challenges. People can see themselves and relate to your short stories because they share similar feelings or experiences. Whether it is an anecdote or an insightful thought, people will find it interesting. It makes you human and very relatable.

You could also write insightful articles to help provide value to your connections. These articles help establish you as a thought leader in your practice area and help attract new prospects or invitations to speaking engagements.

  1. Harness LinkedIn Ads

B2B marketers note that 80% of their social media leads come from LinkedIn, which is 277% more effective than Facebook in generating leads (Good2bSocial, 2020). So have your in-house or outsourced marketing team look into using LinkedIn ads.

Ads on LinkedIn are affordable and customizable to your goals. Whether it is brand awareness, engagement, or conversions you are looking for, LinkedIn makes it easy for anyone to advertise.

Take your law firm further

Once your LinkedIn page is optimized, the next step is to make sure you create a good amount of engagement with your target audience. Constant engagement provides an opportunity for your audience to engage with your content, contact you, share their email address, or recommend you to their friend.

Your LinkedIn page will soon reach a point where there is a good amount of buzz, conversations, and engagements. It is then a good time to monitor your brand and see what your clients say about your firm or what your competitors are doing. Being connected will provide you with insights on how best you can get more clients and grow your law firm.


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